Become Haarlem Blues Club donor

Jaarlijkse vriendenbijdrage

"Ik heb mijn bankgegevens en e-mailadres correct ingevuld en ik geef Stichting Haarlem Blues Club een doorlopende SEPA-machtiging om een bedrag van €35 jaarlijks van mijn rekening af te schrijven."

Wilt u de machtiging intrekken? Geen probleem. Stuur een e-mail naar om dat te regelen.

Bedankt voor jouw vriendenbijdrage!

NB The system is still under development.
For the time being, it is only possible to make a contribution of your choice.
In the near future it will be possible to make an annual friend contribution via SEPA direct debit mandate.
Organizing blues concerts is a costly affair.
Haarlem Blues Club tries to get the finances together in various ways.

Among other things, a friends program has been set up for this purpose, which primarily focuses on the residents of Haarlem and the surrounding area who are blues enthusiasts and who want to contribute to Haarlem Blues Club.
A kind of sponsor club, with the basic idea that all small contributions together can become a big one, for which absolute top notch bands can be brought to Haarlem.

You can become a FRIEND for just €35 per year.
We hope to enthuse a large number of blues lovers with this idea.

As a FRIEND of Haarlem Blues Club:

  • Enjoy your priority at ticket sales

  • Can you go to the friends night with a live blues band for free every year

  • Help get your top blues to Haarlem

  • You receive our newsletter

We feel very supported by all the enthusiasts who helped making this possible. Thank you!