Line up

Our concerts can take place on Friday, Saturday or Sunday.
Unless stated otherwise, you can assume these opening times:
Friday and Saturday: 20:30 to 23:30 (doors open 19:30).

Sunday: 15:30 to 17:30 (doors open 14:00).


Sunset Travelers is a Roots band led by singer, Hammond organist and pianist Roel Spanjers (known from Luther Allison, Normal, among others). Well known to many of you and not least because he has played in Haarlem Blues Club (Nathan James among others) in other line-ups. 

This cool group knows the ropes and its members have individually accompanied various American artists over the years during European tours because - in addition to their fantastic musical quality - they are first and foremost big fans of American roots music. They bring a tasty 'Gumbo' prepared with musical ingredients from the deep south of the US. Think Memphis-Soul, Rhythm & Blues and Boogie from New Orleans and Blues from Mississippi. In addition to Spanjers, there are three more experienced chefs behind the stove: master guitarist/singer Richard van Bergen (Richville, Rootbag), Nico Heilijgers on bass guitar and Jody van Ooijen behind the drums (not Jeroen Goossens like the second from the left in the picture). Everything is performed with passion, fun and swing.


Lovely people. The blues, which we love so much, is originally black, African-American music and culture. Yet the original makers are quite underrepresented in the clubs and at the festivals. Young as he is, Jontavious Willis represents the black blues of the new generation like no other and we look forward to seeing him come to Haarlem Blues Club!

Willis, a native of Greenville, Georgia, grew up singing Gospel music at Mount Pilgrim Baptist Church with his grandfather. From an early age, he had the talent and passion for the music and the ability to hone his skills quickly. At age 14, he came across a YouTube video of Muddy Waters playing "Hoochie Coochie Man" and was instantly hooked on the blues.

He got his much-needed break from living legend Taj Mahal, who described him as the "Wonderboy". In 2015, Mahal asked Willis to play with him on stage. That performance garnered a resounding response from the audience and led Willis to bigger stages and wider opportunities, including an opening slot at select shows along the TajMo tour, with his musical mentors Taj Mahal and Keb' Mo'.

Many Willis fans consider him an old soul. His playing style and his voice touch the roots of country blues. He brings back the true soul of the music. A newspaper headline once called him a "70-year-old bluesman in a 20-year-old body".

Spectacular Class is the follow-up release to his debut album, Blue Metamorphosis, which was released in 2016 and earned him critical acclaim from notable magazines such as Living Blues and Blues & Rhythm. In 2018, the album gained recognition from the Blues Foundation through their International Blues Challenge, where it was honored with the Best Self-Produced CD Award.

Every generation or so, a young bluesman comes on the scene and sends shock to the blues community. Jontavious Willis is one of those. This multi-instrumentalist is in his late twenties and has already been nominated for a GRAMMY in 2020 thanks to his latest album, Spectacular Class. With lyrics from his own pen, the gifted musician delivers a timeless album with dynamic vocals and all kinds of roots and blues: Delta, Piedmont, Texas, and Gospel. His exceptional fingerpicking, flat-picking, and slide prowess are also not to be missed.

GRAMMY award-winning artists Taj Mahal and Keb' Mo' played an active role in producing Spectacular Class with Taj Mahal as the Executive Producer and Keb' Mo' as the Producer. In addition to the digital release, the album is also available on CD and vinyl.


Minko is a Dutch band from a small town called Dordrecht.

About twenty years ago the brothers Dusty & Darryl Ciggaar got to know their good friend Nick Croes (now Sabrina Starke and Jett Rebel among others) and over the years a relationship developed between them.
musical chemistry that is difficult to put into words. A musical chemistry that they are happy to show you, feel and hear. Some of you remember these Ciggaar brothers from the Dry Riverbed Trio show, or maybe you've seen them play with Ian Siegal.

From an early age, Dusty, Darryl and Nick were able to develop musically under the wing of their fathers and uncles. They paved the way for them at a time when everyone still calculated euros back to guilders and sparkling ice tea was the favorite drink.


Times have clearly changed. Although they remained good friends, they each went their separate ways. After a long period of musical adventures with many bands and artists and sometimes with each other, during a beautiful starry night in Bali the question arose: shouldn't we play together and make our own music? Tammo Deuling (including Dawn Brothers) joined and the band was complete. They had found their backbone and the man can sing too!

Expect steamy Rock & Roll, blues shuffles, Country Soul, Roots, sentimental punk songs, Rhythm & Blues, and everything in between!


It was about time we brought Pieter 'Big Pete' van der Pluijm to Haarlem. This passionate singer/harmonica player has been an established name for over a decade. He delivers his music with a no-nonsense attitude that you simply enjoy. It is not for nothing that Big Pete was a regular part of Johan Derksen's theater show called 'The sound of Blues & Americana', which came to an end in mid-2022. In addition, many of you will also know him from the top act Red Devils that he revived, with which he toured all over Europe as a support act for ZZ-Top. Yes, Van der Pluijm is a very strong frontman and representative of the Dutch blues scene at home and abroad.

For the show in Haarlem, he will bring the same all-star band that was previously seen exclusively during Derksen's theater tour. The pumping rhythm tandem of Fokke de Jong on drums with Roelof Klijn on bass form the engine of this band. These experienced guys know how to keep that groove exciting like no other. What about Sander Kooiman on guitar (including Drippin' Honey) and the great Roel Spanjers (including Malford Milligan & the Southern Aces, Frédérique Spigt and countless Americans whom he has accompanied over the years), who have already been seen before has been to Haarlem Blues Club. Namely with his New Orleans Vintage Voodoo Piano solo show and in October 2022 also with Sunset Travelers.

Dear people, we have got one hell of a band here and we are proud to present these great guys on our stage!


Last year, this British top musician and entertainer moved from his home in the center of Amsterdam to beautiful Curaçao together with his beloved. Since then he has returned to the European continent every now and then, but a lot less often than we are used to from him. Hence his comeback in Haarlem Blues Club, due to previous great success!

Ian Siegal is a top notch musician and songsmith who balances a unique blend of songwriting, charisma, musical and vocal depth and entertainment. He takes you on a journey to a wonderful combination of 'destinations' in the styles within roots music: blues, gospel, folk, country and soul, with mostly self-penned songs.

His latest album Stone By Stone was released at the end of April 2022 and again received rave reviews and the discs sold like hot cakes. It seems to be a standard with Mr Siegal.

Take this opportunity to see this master at work in the unique atmosphere that Haarlem Blues Club offers in the beautiful Circus Hakim. Siegal's solo performances are very impressive and will stay with you for a long time.


What a thrill that we were able to get this band from the top shelf for Haarlem Blues Club. Because of their success, these guys are rarely seen in clubs so you really don't want to miss this show!


Rick Estrin & the Nightcats is a household name in the international blues scene. For decades they have been playing festival stages in many parts of the world, leaving an unforgettable impression. This charismatic band is not resting on its laurels but continues to renew itself and write fresh material. They have also won dozens of Blues Music Awards and a few of Estrin's band members even received a Grammy nomination.

Some of the press quotes:

"Estrin is a soulful lead vocalist, a brilliant original songwriter and an amazing harmonica player. Estrin's harmonica sings alongside blues tunes that entertain audiences like no other in the genre.”
- San Francisco Chronicle

"Rick Estrin sings and writes songs like the brightest wiseguy in all bluesland and blows harmonica as if he learned at the knee of Little Walter - DownBeat

Rick Estrin was born in 1949 in San Francisco, California, and grew up as an independent young man. As a 10-year-old boy, he moved to the underprivileged area of Market Street and befriended many neighbors. By the time he was a teenager, Estrin had immersed himself in the urban, African-American culture around him. He got his first harmonica at the age of 15, and by the age of 18 he was skilled enough to play in black clubs in the city. He first jammed with blues master Lowell Fulson and was immediately hired to open five shows for R&B giant ZZ Hill. For nearly a year, he worked five nights a week with guitar legend Travis Phillips in a band chaired by famed pimp/bluesman Fillmore Slim (who was the centerpiece of the critically acclaimed Hughes Brothers documentary American Pimp). Slim introduced Estrin to singer Rodger Collins, the man who would become Rick's first real musical mentor.

Collins taught Rick the intricacies of songwriting and show business. At 19, Estrin moved to Chicago and worked with some of the best bluesmen in town. He met and jammed with the legendary Muddy Waters, who said to Rick, "You outta sight, boy! You got that sound and play like a man! Muddy wanted Estrin to go on the road with him, but Estrin missed Muddy's call and it never happened.

Estrin eventually moved back to the Bay Area, met guitarist Charlie Baty and formed Little Charlie & The Nightcats. When Charlie retired from touring in 2008, Rick brought in guitar virtuoso Kid Andersen to form Rick Estrin & The Nightcats. The fantastic entertainer and former drummer of Little Richard (1995-2007) (!) is now a permanent part of the band.